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line removal machines


Looking for line removal machines and line removal equipment? Here you will find a full range of grinding equipment for removing traffic paint, thermoplastic, epoxy coatings or grooving in medium, heavy or extreme heavy duty line marking removal applications.

There is also a range of pressure cleaners for cleaning existing lines and removing loose or flaking paint lines.

Alternatively there is also the option of vapour blasters which use less water or blast medium of traditional pressure cleaners.

Specialising in the sale, service and repair of equipment for the line marking and line marking removal industry, Access Linemarking Equipment chooses to supply reliable, suitable and hard wearing line removal machines which is why we choose products manufactured by Graco and BAR.




We are currently trialling a new line removal system which will cause little to no damage to the underlying surface. Once we have this operational, full details will be available here.

If you would like to be notified when the information is available, please contact us to register your details.

Line Removal Machines

All line removal machines are assembled and tested by Access Linemarking Equipment prior to delivery.  We are authorised Graco and BAR distributors and all line marking and line removal machines supplied by us operate in accordance with the standards as promised by these major and reliable brands.