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Graco LazerVac 550

The LazerVac 550 is a quality vacuum that effectively reduces airborne silica dust in workplaces. This high-pressure vacuum is powered by a Honda Powered System for improved air power and durability. As a result, this product when used with a GrindLazer scarifier has 50% more vacuum pressure compared to the LazerVac 330.

This product creates a safer and healthier work environment and is essential to all workplaces. Exclusive to the Graco LazerVac 550 is the LongoPac Bag System which continually contains collected dirt due to its large capacity. The Auto Filter Cleaning dual paddles operated by a separate motor prevent filter clogs and debris build-up. The LazerVac 550 vacuum system has a toolless filter design which allows for quick and easy filter changes, providing for increased run time rather than maintenance time.

Product Specification

Unit model LazerVac 550
Part number 25M860
Air power 300 CFV
Vacuum pressure 150” Water
Capacity 20m-long bag
Engine/motor 13 HP Honda

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