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Graco LazerVac 550

The LazerVac 550 is a quality vacuum that effectively reduces airborne silica dust in workplaces. This high-pressure vacuum is powered by a Honda Powered System for improved air power and durability. As a result, this product when used with a GrindLazer scarifier has 50% more vacuum pressure compared to the LazerVac 330.

This product creates a safer and healthier work environment and is essential to all workplaces. Exclusive to the Graco LazerVac 550 is the LongoPac Bag System which continually contains collected dirt due to its large capacity. The Auto Filter Cleaning dual paddles operated by a separate motor prevent filter clogs and debris build-up. The LazerVac 550 vacuum system has a toolless filter design which allows for quick and easy filter changes, providing for increased run time rather than maintenance time.

Product Specification

Unit model LazerVac 550
Part number 25M860
Air power 300 CFV
Vacuum pressure 150” Water
Capacity 20m-long bag
Engine/motor 13 HP Honda

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Cutting Drum Options

Part no. Cutter type Profile Cut width
25M960 Wire brush Fine 10″
25N183 Steel star Fine 8″
25N184 Steel star Fine 6″
25N185 Steel star Medium 10″
25N186 Steel star Medium 8″
25N187 Steel star Medium 6″
25M962 Steel beam Fine 10″
25N194 Steel beam Fine 8″
25N195 Steel beam Fine 6″
25N196 Steel beam Medium 10″
25N197 Steel beam Medium 8″
25N198 Steel beam Medium 6″
25N205 Carbide flail 8pt Fine 10″
25N206 Carbide flail 8pt Fine 8″
25N207 Carbide flail 8pt Fine 6″
25N208 Carbide flail 8pt Medium 10″
25N209 Carbide flail 8pt Medium 8″
25N210 Carbide flail 8pt Medium 6″
25M952 Carbide flail 8pt Coarse 10″
25N211 Carbide flail 8pt Coarse 8″
25N212 Carbide flail 8pt Coarse 6″
25N216 Carbide flat Fine 10″
25N217 Carbide flat Fine 8″
25N218 Carbide flat Fine 6″
25M954 Carbide flat Medium 10″
25N219 Carbide flat Medium 8″
25N220 Carbide flat Medium 6″
25N221 Carbide flat Coarse 10″
25N222 Carbide flat Coarse 8″
25N223 Carbide flat Coarse 6″
25N227 Carbide-tipped miller Fine 10″
25N228 Carbide-tipped miller Fine 8″
25N229 Carbide-tipped miller Fine 6″
25N230 Carbide-tipped miller Medium 10″
25N231 Carbide-tipped miller Medium 8″
25N232 Carbide-tipped miller Medium 6″
25M956 Carbide-tipped miller Coarse 10″
25N233 Carbide-tipped miller Coarse 8″
25N234 Carbide-tipped miller Coarse 6″
25N238 Full carbide miller Fine 10″
25N239 Full carbide miller Fine 8″
25N241 Full carbide miller Fine 6″
25N242 Full carbide miller Medium 10″
25N243 Full carbide miller Medium 8″
25N244 Full carbide miller Medium 6″
25M958 Full carbide miller Coarse 10″
25N245 Full carbide miller Coarse 8″
25N246 Full carbide miller Coarse 6″
25M964 Carbide pick Coarse 10″
24D583 Diamond blade Fine 10″
24B965 Diamond blade Fine 5″
17X370 PCD flat Fine 10″
17X527 PCD flat Fine 5″
17X369 PCD round Fine 10″
17X526 PCD round Fine 5″