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Privacy Policy

The information contained below is the Privacy Policy of Access Linemarking Equipment.  The policy outlines how we collect customer information, what information is collected and how that information is used.

The Policy relates to our website as well as business conducted at our place of business in Brisbane (Unit 3, 50 Jardine Drive, Redland Bay, Qld 4165) by any means such as email, facsimile or telephone orders.

The premise of our Privacy Policy is to ensure that our customers are aware of the manner in which any personal (and non-personal) information obtained from them is utilised and what protection is in place.

Acceptance of Our Privacy Policy

By using our website and engaging in business with us, we take this as an acceptance on your behalf of our Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree or accept any element(s) of our Privacy Policy then we request you do not use our website or our services.

Personal Information Collected by Access Linemarking Equipment 

Protection of Personal Information

Access Linemarking Equipment will only use personal information collected from our customers as it is necessary for us to conduct our business.  We never sell, rent or trade personal information to a third party.

We use appropriate security and storage measures to protect customers against unauthorised access of any personal information that we obtain.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We obtain personal information from our customers by various means including from our website, at our warehouse (place of business), through email, facsimile and by phone.  The personal information that we collect may include a customer’s name, email address, phone and/or facsimile number(s), physical address (for delivery purposes) and financial details such as banking and credit card information that is required in order to complete business transactions.

This information is necessary for business purposes. This information is used so that we can contact customers, deliver goods to customers, respond to customer enquiries and complete purchase transactions.

Non-Personal Information Collected by Access Linemarking Equipment

We collect non-personal information from visitors to our website.  This information is collated in an aggregate form and provides us with information such as which web browsers are most/least used by our customers to access our website, the amount of time that is spent on average on the website, pages most frequently visited etc.  Collecting this information is standard business practice.

We use the non-personal information regarding website visitors to assist us in optimising our website for customers such that we are providing the information that they are seeking and that the website is easily to navigate.

We may share the generic aggregated non-personal information such as described above with our advertisers, SEO Consultants, business partners or other professionals for the purposes of assessing our business development and performance.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time.  Should we make any changes to this policy these changes will be immediately be published on our website.