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Graco GrindLazer HP DC1013 G DCS

For all and any jobs that have variable height terrain, the DCS feature of the Graco GrindLazer HP DC 1013 G DCS provides precise cutting inbuilt technology that allows the controller to vary the height of the drums without any measuring or ‘guessing’ as the DCS does this all for you.

The DCS is set to zero and the DCS controller provides the measurement (metric or English units) between the actual height and the set height allowing the operator to dial down for precise cutting depth control with multiple positions.

Product Specification

The Graco GrindLazer HP DC1013 G provides the same performance and specifications as the Graco GrindLazer HP DC1013 G with the added addition of all terrain electronic depth control system (DCS).

Max Cut Width 10″ (25.4cm)
Cut Direction Forward
Removal Rate Walk/Ride 800sq ft/hour
1700sq ft/hour (LineDriver)
Engine 13HP Honda
Dry Weight 154 kg

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Cutting Drum Options

Part no. Cutter type Profile Cut width
25M950 Wire brush Fine 8″
25N069 Steel star Fine 8″
25N070 Steel star Fine 5″
25N071 Steel star Medium 8″
25N072 Steel star Medium 5″
25M946 Steel beam Fine 8″
25N077 Steel beam Fine 5″
25N078 Steel beam Medium 8″
25N079 Steel beam Medium 5″
25N091 Carbide flail 6pt Fine 8″
25N092 Carbide flail 6pt Fine 5″
25M936 Carbide flail 6pt Medium 8″
25N093 Carbide flail 6pt Medium 5″
25N094 Carbide flail 6pt Coarse 8″
25N095 Carbide flail 6pt Coarse 5″
25N098 Carbide flat Fine 8″
25N099 Carbide flat Fine 5″
25M938 Carbide flat Medium 8″
25N100 Carbide flat Medium 5″
25N107 Carbide flat Coarse 8″
25N108 Carbide flat Coarse 5″
25N112 Carbide-tipped miller Fine 8″
25N113 Carbide-tipped miller Fine 5″
25N114 Carbide-tipped miller Medium 8″
25N115 Carbide-tipped miller Medium 5″
25M940 Carbide-tipped miller Coarse 8″
25N116 Carbide-tipped miller Coarse 5″
25N119 Full carbide miller Fine 8″
25N121 Full carbide miller Fine 5″
25N122 Full carbide miller Medium 8″
25N123 Full carbide miller Medium 5″
25N124 Full carbide miller Coarse 8″
25N125 Full carbide miller Coarse 5″