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Graco GrindLazer Pro RC813 G

High output “no groove” line eraser with rotary style cutters for removing lines without leaving any grooves. The Graco GrindLazer Pro RC813 G comes with 13 HP electric start engine.

It has advanced depth control with independent adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure – giving control and no-damage removal on a wide range of surfaces. Its adjustable handlebars are padded for minimal vibration transfer.

Vacuum port for dust removal allows for hookup to LazerVac vacuum system to reduce airborne dust.

– Traffic paint removal without grooves
– Thermoplastic removal without grooves
– Smoothing uneven surfaces

Product Specification

Max Cut Width 8″ (20cm)
Cut Direction Rotary
Removal Rate Walk/Ride 800sq ft/hour
Engine 13 HP Honda
Dry Weight 204kg

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Cutting Drum Options

Part no. Cutter type Profile Cut width
25N333 Wire brush Fine 8″
25N365 Carbinde pin 72 Fine 8″
25N364 Carbide pin 48 Medium 8″
25N363 Carbide pin 24 Coarse 8″
25N335 Carbide pick Medium 8″