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The Zirocco-M50 is based on turbine technology and is one of the best machines for road cleaning and drying before for line marking, tape application, waterproofing and crack resealing. Its more compact design and lower noise level make it perfect for smaller worksites or city locations. Its strong and efficient components allow for easy usage and steady control, as well as being non-flammable.

The chassis of the Zirocco-M50 includes an inlet air filter.  It does not have a towbar, however, this can be added on as an accessory if desired. The turbine performance allows for 15cm width surface drying at a speed of 3km/hour at a small 10 to 15L/hour fuel consumption. Unlike the Zirocco-M100, the battery of the M50 requires charging in-between use. The M50 diesel turbine has a total life of approximately 1500 hours and can be replaced easily after its extended life. Using the Zirocco-M50 for periods of 100 hours is suggested for maximum performance. The Zirocco -M50 turbine module can easily be upgraded to the M100 module if needed.

Product Specification

Data Zirocco-M50
Turbine module A50
Airflow 50m3/second
Temperature 350 – 480°C
Weight 115kg, 146kg with fuel
During width 15 – 30cm
Drying speed Up to 3km/hour
Start-up time 15 seconds
Fuel Standard Diesel Engine 590 + 5% Turbine Oil
Fuel tank capacity 31 L
Fuel consumption 10 – 15 L/hour
Generator No
Tow bar for line drivers No (additional accessory if desired)
Number of air filters required 1
Noise level 96 dB

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