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Zirocco Hammer Jet

The Zirocco Hammer Jet is the most versatile dryer, heater and cleaner used for line marking preparation, crack sealing preparation, tape removal, rooftop drying, roofing felt heating and railroad switch de-icing. Its lightweight and compact design make it a portable product that is easy to transport and store. To be more adaptable for the user, it can be used on wheels or handheld with a shoulder harness.

The A50H turbine engine allows for 15cm drying width and a cleaning speed of approximately 2.5km/hour. With a non-flammable design and fuel consumption of 12L/hour, this product is perfect as a multi-purpose addition to your collection. Nozzle additions are available dependent on tasks, and all are designed to fit perfectly onto the Zirocco Hammer Jet.

Product Specification

Data Hammer Jet
Turbine module A50H
Airflow 50m3/second
Temperature 350 – 480°C
Weight 13.5kg without wheels, 19.5kg with wheels
During width 5 – 20 cm
Drying speed Up to 2.5km/hour
Dimensions Height – 137cm, Width – 37cm
Start-up time 30 – 45 seconds
Fuel Standard Diesel Engine 590 + 5% Turbine Oil
Fuel tank capacity 3.8 L
Fuel consumption 10 – 15 L/hour
Generator No
Battery Lithium-Ion, 12V
Handheld operation Removable wheels for handheld operation with shoulder hardness
Number of air filters required 1
Nozzle replacement Various nozzles available
Noise level 108 dB

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