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Titan Powrliner 3500 72V

The Titan PowrLiner 3500 72V delivers even better lines than our petrol-powered stripers thanks to the new Honda® battery technology that greatly reduces vibration.

Featuring the revolutionary PermaStroke Technology™, which has no piston, packings, cylinders or clutch to replace. It is simple to operate and field serviceable, keeping contractors on the job.
• Equipped with a Honda eGX Brushless DC motor designed to closely meet the performance output of a conventional GX120 gas engine
• Delivers consistent pressure and zero hour glassing for an ideal spray pattern
• Easy priming guaranteed every time through the Sureflo™ Pusher valve
• Provides ideal fan patterns at pressures from 300 to 3300 psi, including small and large spray tip sizes
• Ultra smooth operation and consistency guaranteed with FlatLine Pulsation Dampener™

• Offers peace of mind with PermaStroke Technology, no pistons, packings, or cylinders to wear out and no clutch to replace
• Quickly field serviceable, change out the cartridge-style inlet and outlet valves in less than 5 minutes with common tools

Product Specification

Part No. : 2445730B

Power : Honda eGX 72V Motor

Pressure : 3300 psi

Flow Rate : 2.8 l/min

Weight (without battery) : 84 kg

Weight (with battery) : 91 kg

Max Tip Size 1 Gun : 0.027″

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