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Graco LineLazer V 5900 Standard

The Graco LineLazer V 5900 Standard is a petrol powered two gun line marker is the perfect choice for remarking medium to large carparks & shopping centres. Similar to the Graco LL V 3900 but with better productivity through a larger pump & engine.

Comes complete with two quick release spray guns with tips suitable for striping – one with longer hose for stencil work, three wheel trolley with lock-in jockey wheel, EasyMark gun adjustment system, adjustable handle bar system, digital display with information storage.

Product Specification

Max Tip Size : 1 gun – 0.043″; 2 gun – 0.029″

Max Pressure : 3300psi

Max Flow : 6.0 l/min

Engine : 5.5HP Honda

Paint Capacity : 20 litres standard, 57 litres optional

Dry Weight : 113 kg

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