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RoadLazer RoadPak HD System

The RoadPak and RoadPak HD truck mount striping system is available in twelve varying options or can be adapted to your road marking needs.

Taking road making to new  heights the RoadPak HD System can stripe up to 5 paint and 5 feed guns and has double the output of the Graco RoadPak.

Product Specification

1 or 2 Pump RoadPak System with potential output of 37.8 litres per minute. The system can be expanded with extra pumps for additional colour paints.

Heavy Duty RPS 2900 Hydraulic System with a no stall design and maximum pressure of 200 bar.

Heady Duty Compressor having a 6.9 bar at 13.1 cfm.

Kohler Power, the RoadPak has an 18 hp Kohler engine and the RoadPak HD has a 26.5 hp EFI Kohler engine.

Heavy Duty Modular Frame System, built to last and can fit on the back of a pickup or flatbed truck or on the bed of a utility vehicle.

Displacement Pump System with prime valve which allows you to recirculation pain keeping it mixed and ready to go at all times.

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