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Graco RoadLazer 2 Pump RoadPak system

A 2 pump, modular road striping system that is compact, simple and highly productive with everything contained in one frame. This unit can pump two different colours or higher volumes of the same colour.

Comes standard with 1 pressurised bead tank then just choose the type of gun arm mounting frame you require as well as other accessories to design your own unit.

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Product Specification

Max Tip Size : 1 gun – 0.065″; 2 gun – 0.046″; 3 gun – 0.037″; 4 gun – 0.032″

Max Pressure : 2900psi

Max Flow : 19 l/min

Engine : 18HP El start Kohler

Paint Capacity : Custom

Dry Weight : n/a

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