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The Titan PowrLiner Series – New to Australia

Suppliers of line marking machines in Australia, Access Linemarking Equipment now also supplies models 3500, 4955, 6955 and 8955 of the Titan PowrLiner Series. Released to the market in Australia just this year, these models are designed for medium to large carparks and streets.

Titan Powrliner 3500PowrLiner 3500

The Titan PowrLiner 3500 has a hydraulic diaphragm pump and a 4HP Honda Motor, perfect for mid-sized sports field and car parking lots. This model like the rest of the Titan PowrLiner series is tough and durable and can withstand days of continuous use.

The PowrLiner comes with the RX-80 Airless gun, providing straight clear lines all the time. The PermaStroke Technology unique to Titan and proven for over 50 years ensures that the system eliminates pressure fluctuation and deadband. With this system there are no pistons or packings to wear or replace.

The maximum delivery of the PowrLiner 3500 is 2.8 litres per minute.

PowrLiner 4955, 6955 and 8955

These, the more powerful of the PowrLiner Series come with some of the same features. One such features is the SmartArm, which is highly flexible allowing left, right, front or rear spray positioning. The SmartArm also makes the PowrLiners easy to set-up and fold down for ease of transportation and use The two larger machines PL6955 and PL8955 both come with electric start Honda engines.

The PowrLiner 4955, 6955 and 8955 also all have a heavy duty frame which is epoxy finished and able to resist solvents and corrosion.

Each of these PowrLiner models come with a second gun kit (with S-3 gun, hose and tip kit for wider or dual lines); a 45 litre (or 12 gallon) paint hopper; a rear hose rack and shock absorbing pneumatic tyres.

The handlebars of these PowrLiners come with three different adjustment options to match different user heights and preferences and to reduce operator fatigue.

The Titan PowrLiner Series includes the PowrCentre dashboard which allows the operator to make throttle and pressure control adjustments without having to stop striping. The PowrCentre dashboard also includes a pressure gauge, a 12 volt plugin that can charge mobile phones. It also features a handy storage tray and a very hand cup holder.

PowrLiner 4955

The Titan PowrLiner 4955 has been design to allow for electric convertibility with the Electric Converto Kit (230 V) which allows tool free convertibility from gas to electric when needed. The 4955 model has a maximum delivery of 5.7 litres per minute.
Titan Powrliner Series

PowrLiner 6955 and 5955

These two hydraulic piston pump PowrLiners are built for large line marking jobs such as for full-time duty on roads, parking lots or airports. The maximum delivery of the Titan PowrLiner 6955 is 8.1 litres per minute. It is powered by a 5.5HP Honda motor having an electric start and a low oil alert.

The PowrLiner 8955 runs on a 6.5HP Honda motor, also with an electric start and low oil alert. The maximum delivery of this Titan PowrLiner is 9.5 litres per minute.

LazyLiner Elite

Titan promise that the LazyLiner elite increases productivity up to four times. Built for comfort and durability the LazyLiner Elite is compatible with all of PowrLiner models. The LazyLiner Elite has a 211 cm3 Subaru engine with the option of a pull or electric start. Maximum forward speed is 19 km per hour and reverse is 11 km per hour.

Access Line Marking Equipment

At Access Linemarking Equipment we test and assemble line marking machines prior to delivery. If you are considering purchasing a model from the Tital PowrLiner series and are seeking some advice, please give us a call on 1300 MARKER.

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