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Which is the Best Line Marking Machine for You?

With the range of line marking machines available it can be very confusing for even the experienced operator when it comes to selecting a line marking machine that is most suitable and the best option for you.

First thing to consider is the size of the jobs you will be undertaking. Jobs range from small carparks in residential buildings or small warehouses, to larger carparks such as shopping centres or internal large warehouse line marking, up to street and road work and even airports. There are a range of sizes in line markers for the different size jobs.

Choosing a machine too big is just as inefficient as choosing one too small. Just make sure you allow for growth in the size of the jobs you intend to do if the machine is for commercial work and not just for your own carparks.

Type of Line Marking Machine Pumps

Line marking machines are also available with different types of pumps. There are line markers with piston pumps which are generally considered better for heavy or high volume work, or line markers with diaphragm pumps which are usually lighter and require less regular maintenance but tend to not last as long as piston pumps.

Type of Line Marking Paint

When selecting a line marking machine you also need to take into consideration the type of paint you will be spraying.  You could be using water based paint, solvent based, specialised paint such as cold applied plastics or even thermoplastic type coatings. Each type of paint has a machine to suit its use.

Line Marking Accessories

Then don’t forget any required accessories you may need such as glass bead dispensers for either non slip or reflective beads. Some jobs will require the use of such beads, so make sure when selecting a line marking machine to purchase that it is built to carry a bead dispenser if required.

Advanced Capabilities

The top brands in today’s machines also have a lot of data logging capabilities. These machines will record paint usage, line thickness, metres sprayed and can even have automated spray gun functions which are perfect for helping mark out new large carpark sites. Previously only available on larger highway machines, these features are ideal for record keeping and compliance requirements.

Top Brands Are Best Value in the Long Run

When you come to selecting a line marking machine make sure you choose a quality brand. Line marking paint is very coarse and lesser quality machines or small machines adapted to a line marking frame will end up costing you much more than a quality machine over time. The right line marking machine will make your job easier and help you comply with the job requirements.

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