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Titan ThermoMark 250

The aluminium Titan ThermoMark 250 is a thermoplastic applicator with a 114kg insulated reservoir and is available in a single or double drop down bead configurations.  The single drop down 250 ThermoMark has a 23kg bead capacity reservoir, the double drop down has a 45kg reservoir.

A feature of the Titan ThermoMark 250 is the modular bolt design which facilitates easier modular updates and repairs.  Heatings is based on propane, and a 9kg bottle is required. Smooth operation is facilitated by the rear swivel wheel.

Add the LazyLiner driver using the universal attachment.

Product Specification

Material Capacity : 114kg

Bead Hopper Capacity : 23kg or 45kg

Heating Type : Propane (9kg bottle required)

Construction : Aluminium

Dry Weight : 116kg or 143 kg

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