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Titan ProMark 100

The one gun Titan ProMark 100 is ideal for smaller 2-component cold sprayplastic jobs requiring a 1:1 mixing ratio and is best suited to line marking sports fields and parking lots.

The ProMark 100 is inexpensive and one of the lightest of the Titan ProMark series.

Product Specification

Pump Pressure : Up to 220 bar

Material Container : 48 litres

Max Flow : 101 l/min

Engine : 7HP Electric Start 200W

Tank : 12 litres

Dry Weight : 227 kg

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Additional Information

The Titan ProMark 100 is a one-gun and 2-component line marking machine which is built on the Titan PowrLiner series, it uses the standard 1:1 ratio, using one gun and has no data logger. The Titan ProMark 100 is the only striping system in the series that includes the Data Centre, used to track production and performance of your machine. These metrics include speed, pressure, distance, flow, instant mils, average mils and layout.

The other specifications in terms of PSI, GPM, bead tank size, engine and compressor needed are the same as all other ProMark models.

The pressurised bead dispenser on board ensures that your application of beads is optimised to meet the retro-reflectivity standards of today and the auto-actuating paint guns installed on the striper eliminates any troublesome cable delay and gives the user the ability to be extremely accurate in their application.

A solvent flush can be triggered easily using the onboard capabilities of the machine, making it easy for the machine to be kept clean and in perfect working order.

Access Linemarking Equipment will pre-assemble and test your Titan ProMark 100 prior to shipping.