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Titan PowrLiner 8955 with Lazy Liner Elite

The Titan PowrLiner 8955, together with the PowrLiner 6955, is the workhorse of the PowrLiner range. It comes with a Honda GX200 with Electric Start as standard.

This petrol powered hydraulic two gun linemarker is ideal for street work and medium to large carparks and shopping centres. Couple this to the LazyLiner Elite for larger street jobs.

The PowrLiner 8955’s Speeflo Hydradrive offers reliable, smooth, slow-stroking hydraulic drive which greatly extends the operational life of the sprayer.

The cylinder and piston rod are tempered with a proprietary heat-treating process that increases pump life and heavy duty prime/spray valve offers consistent, increased flow and faster pump priming.

Product Specification

Max Tip Size : 1 gun – 0.054″; 2 gun – 0.038″

Max Pressure : 3300psi

Max Flow : 9.50 l/min

Engine : 6.5HP Honda with electric start (Linemarker) 7.0HP Subaru (Lazy Liner)

Paint Capacity : 45 litre hopper

Dry Weight : 154 kg (Linemarker) 125 kg (Lazy Liner)

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