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Titan FastMelt 650

The Titan FastMelt 650 is ideal for large thermoplastic projects as this melting supply system has a capacity of 295kg.

Popular because of its compact size and versatility, the Titan FastMelt 650 can be loaded onto the back of a standard pickup, trailer or flat-bed truck.

The Titan FastMelt 650 can be used with both the ThermoMark 250 and the ThermoMark 300.

Product Specification

Material Capacity : 295kg

Heating System : LPG

Heating Type : LPG Fuel Tank

Engine : GX240 Honda

Dry Weight : 430kg

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Additional Information

The Titan FastMelt 650 is a portable and versatile melting supply system that can be used in conjunction with either the Titan ThermoMark 250 or the ThermoMark 300. This system is self-contained and can be used to supply striping material to an applicator quickly and effectively.

The Titan FastMelt 650 uses LPG fuel to melt and contain up to 295kg of material for striping applications. It’s compact and lightweight design allows it to fit easily into pickup trucks and larger vehicles, making it a solid choice for those on the go. Its dimensions are 121cm (w) x 106cm (d) x 130cm (h) and the system weighs only 431kgs when empty.

The completely modular design of this thermoplastic melting kettle system makes it an investment that ensures you get the most out of your machine. Should any part need repair or maintenance, it can be replaced with ease by Access Linemarking Equipment. This guarantees a long life for your machine and reliable service for years to come.