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Graco LineLazer ES 500


Suitable for carparks and streets, the Graco LineLazer ES 500 is a battery operated line marking machine.  It is powered by high capacity lithium batteries and has two swappable DeWalt 60v which recharge in under an hour.

This means no downtime with continuous stencilling and line marking capacity.  With no engine noise, fumes or vibrations the Graco LineLazer ES 500 is a powerful and popular machine for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Product Specification

No Engine Noise, Vibration or Fumes

Reduce user fatigue while delivering perfect lines
Improved jobsite conditions

Designed For Traffic Paints

All fluid passageways are upgraded for use with fast-dry, waterborne traffic paints – hose, gun and fittings

Improved Tracking and Line Quality

Durable, steel construction
Accepts 15-gallon hopper and EZ Bead System

The Longest Lasting Drive

Featuring the Advantage Drive with lifetime warranty
Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation

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