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The Graco LineDriver is the industries first electric battery-powered LineDriver with an eight-hour run time. Furthermore, it enables high-speed production efficiency with a 10 mph maximum speed.

Reduce fatigue and double your production by attaching the Graco LineDriver ES to your LineLazer ES 1000 or ES2000. The Graco LineDriver ES is Graco’s latest and most innovative LineDriver. Super quiet and user-friendly this LineDriver has less vibration, engine noise, and fumes.

Product Specification

New High-Capacity Batteries

  • Quiet, All-Day Reliable Power
  • Four, 6-volt Sealed Lead-Acid 225 Ahr AGM Batteries

ExactMil Speed Control

  • Consistent Mil Thickness
  • Set your speed for guaranteed perfect lines every time
  • Speed Boost Mode allows for faster speeds between lines to increase your productivity

SmartDrive Technology with Advanced Eco-Mode

  • Superior Control & Extended Run-Time
  • Performance and feel of a gas-powered LineDriver
  • Regenerative braking recharges batteries to extend run-time
  • Eco-Mode allows for 12 full hours of run time and precise control at low speeds

On-Board 24V Charger

  • Simple, Plug-in Charging
  • Longer battery life with extended battery-tender feature

Dedicated 12-Volt Power Supply

  • Easy Accessory Charging
  • Dual “cigarette lighter” power supplies for all your accessories
  • Dual LED light outputs

Battery Monitor System

  • Quick-View Power Level
  • Displays battery level for easy recall
  • Alerts user when battery is low and requires a recharge

Back Rack Storage Shelf

  • On-Hand Storage
  • Convenient storage for on-the-job supplies

FlexBeam LED Light System

  • LED light for improved brightness with long life and less amp draw
  • Retractable, breakaway design prevents damage and keeps you striping

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