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Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt

The Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt is a heavy duty thermoplastic applicator with a 4 chamber melting system. Ideal for roadway stripes, bike paths, all intersections, restripe jobs, small intersections & stencil jobs.

The Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt includes 1 x SmartDie, material kettle, bead hopper, direct heat system & tri-wheel system. Can be used together with LineDriver HD.

Product Specification

Material Capacity : 136 kg

Bead Hopper Capacity : 40 kg

Hopper Chamber : Quadmelt

Mixing Paddles : Quadmix internal paddles

Dry Weight : 157 kg

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Additional Information

Graco describe the ThermoLazer ProMelt as a premelter on wheels – and without the cost.

The design includes 100,000 BTUs and has a large surface melting area provided by the four chamber melting system. This design creates a really quick melt time of 136 kg in less than one hour . (Or 300 lb in less than one hour). Thus the ThermoLazer ProMelt is more efficient with greater capacity than the ThermoLazer 200, the ThermoLazer 200TC and the ThermoLazer 300TC allowing more time spent working.

The big Brother of the Graco ThermoLazers, the ProMelt is still easy to maneuver due to:
* the Ease-A Steer Handle Bar System
* the advantage of having two (rather than one) rear wheels
* the Graco high performance front swivel wheel system
* high load pneumatic tires – front tire pressure 3.10 bar and rear tire pressure 4.14 bar.

This larger ThermoLazer model holds over 40 kg or 90 lb of glass beads in a splitbead hopper.

The ThermoLazer ProMelt has the option of adding a double bead drop system.