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Graco ThermoLazer 300TC

The Graco Thermolazer 300TC is a medium duty thermoplastic applicator with temperature control. Ideal for restripe jobs, small intersections, stencil jobs & roadway stripes.

The Graco ThermoLazer 300TC includes 1 x SmartDie, material kettle, bead hopper, direct heat system & tri-wheel system. Can be used together with LineDriver HD.

Product Specification

Material Capacity : 136 kg

Bead Hopper Capacity : 40 kg

Dry Weight : 136 kg

Melt Time (full weight) : 4 – 4.5 hrs

Internal Mixing Paddles : Dual, Paddlemax

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Additional Information

The tri-wheel Graco EasyGlide system makes the Graco Thermolazer 300TC highly maneuverable particularly managing curves with ease. Graco promise that the Thermolazer 300TC is as safe and easy to handle as a LineLazer.

The Graco No-tool system makes line width changes quick and easy. The die is kept ready for use due to the safe and reliable Tri-Flame Die Heat System with temperature control.

The Graco Thermolazer 300TC’s material kettle has a capacity of 136 kg or 300 lb which means less time wasted refilling and more time striping.

The Thermolazer 300TC is equipped with a 41 kg or 90 lb capacity split hopper. An optional kit is available which provides easy conversion to double drop bead system.

The Graco Thermolazer 300TC is suitable for bike paths, drive-throughs, parking lots, medians, pedestrian crossings, stenciling and restriping.