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Graco ThermoLazer 200TC

Small thermoplastic applicator with temperature control, preferably to be used together with pre-melt kettle system. Ideal for restripe jobs, small intersections, stencil jobs & roadway stripes.

The Graco ThermoLazer 200TC comes with 90kg material kettle, adjustable front pointer, 18kg bead hopper, direct heat system, adjustable handle & tri-wheel system.

Product Specification

Material Capacity : 90 kg

Bead Hopper Capacity : 18 kg

Dry Weight : 119 kg

Internal Mixing Paddles : Vertical

Hopper Lid System : Flat, Dual Lid

Melt Time for 136kg (300 lb) Thermoplastic Material : 4.5 Hours without the PreMelt System

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Additional Information

At 119kg the Graco Thermolazer 200TC is one of the most portable thermoplastic handliners. The physical size of the Thermolazer 200TC is 112cm (44 inches) in length, 99cm (39 inches) in height and 84cm (33 inches) in width.

The 30cm (12.5 inch) bead dispenser allows you to dial-in the bead drop rate at 2.5cm (1 inch) increments.

The tri-wheel system has a release and brake rear wheel system. The smooth and quiet operation of the Graco Thermolazer 200TC is facilitated by the two solid front wheels and the rear single solid wheel.

The easy to adjust operator handle can be sized to the correct height for all operators.

The no-tool change-out design of the 90kg (200 lb) material kettle allows fast colour switching. The material kettle is also designed so that the thermoplastic material can be heated to precise temperatures.

The Graco Thermolazer 200TC operatres on LP gas.

Access Linemarking Equipment will pre-assemble and test your Graco Thermolazer 200TC prior to shipping.