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Graco LineLazer V 250mma

The Graco LineLazer V 250MMA is a hydraulic ride-on 2 component line marking machine having built in 98:2 mixing capabilities and Ratio Assurance.  The mixing system has on-board storage tanks for MMA, BPO and solvent as well as hard-connect pump design with integrated mix hose for consistency in mixing.

With the features of the LineLazer V250 series, the V 250mma has automatic gun control, self-centering front wheel and the EasyMark gun adjustment system.

Product Specification

Installed Pressurised Bead System

Exclusive Stand-On Platform

Self-Centering Front Wheel

EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

Automatic Gun Control System

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Additional Information

The Graco LineLazer V 250mma is a hydraulic, ride-on striper with an excellent range of capabilities for those spraying 2-component 98:2 line markings.

The use of both manual and automatic paint guns come standard, with the Automatic Gun Control System allowing the use of either option.

The standing platform housed on the machine provides the user with a sturdy and ergonomic place for standing with a clear view at the marking area.

The Graco LineLazer V 250mma makes use of a pressurised bead system that is pre-installed and ready for use.

The foam-filled front wheel is self-centring, making it a more stable and simpler option as it eliminates the need for an unnecessary single-user interface.

The EasyMark gun adjustment system utilises simple guide marks and easily understood front and back switches to ensure the perfect setup and alignment of your gun for every use.

The exclusive 98:2 mixing system on board houses storage tanks for MMA, BPO and solvent. Alongside the ratio assurance system; the mix manifold, mix hose and hard-connected pump design ensure a perfect mix every time.

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