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Graco LineLazer V 200mma

The LineLazer V 200MMA 1:1 line striper provides a superior, compact and affordable solution for the full range of MMA applications – from high-traffic intersections to bike paths to city streets.

To improve application efficiencies, the exclusive mix-at-the-gun technology found on Graco’s Fusion® Gun delivers faster purge times while eliminating the hassles and costs of on-board solvents. At the heart of the system, a unique flow divider ensures proper material ratio and fast line curing.

The Graco Linelazer V 200MMA is available as a 1 gun or 2 gun linemarker.

Product Specification

Dual Graco Hydraulic Motors
– No-stall hydraulic design provides uninterrupted performance.

Precise MMA 1:1 Ratio
– Innovative Flow Divider guarantees equal material flow of each component
– Built-in bypass valve for independent pump operation

Dual Endurance Piston Pumps
– Long life pumps provide precise flow for a wide range of striping materials

Graco Fusion™ Air-Purge Gun mixes materials “at the gun”
– Instant air purge after every line, or disable for purging after last skip-line
– Clears all material in the mixing chamber and eliminates buildup of material on the tip
– Quick-release fluid housing lets you easily change mix chamber without tools
– RAC® 5 SwitchTips™ for easy clearing of a tip clog

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