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Graco LineLazer ES 1000

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 is the Industry’s 1st Professional Electric Linemarking machine.

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 is powered by a 100AH high-output battery with the option to add a second battery, with both batteries there is the capacity to stripe 227 litres or 60 gallons without the need to charge.  This electric battery powered linemarking machine can also be used indefinitely for stationary jobs by connecting to a 240V wall power.

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 can be used both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for warehouses, service stations, parking lots, factories, sports fields and parking garages.

Comes complete with one battery, quick release spray gun suitable for both striping and stencil work, three wheel trolley with lock-in jockey wheel, 15m paint hose & line marking tip.

You can also add a 2nd battery kit, 57L hopper or a gravity bead system.  Choose the green option with the Graco LineLazer ES 1000.

Product Specification

Max Tip Size : 0.025″

Max Pressure : 3300psi

Max Flow : 2.3 l/min

Paint Capacity : 20 litres standard, 57 litres optional

Dry Weight : 154 kg

Includes: – Flex Plus Striping Gun – LineLazer RAC 5 Switch TIP and Guard – 6.4mm x 15M BlueMax Airless Hose

No engine noise, Exhaust fumes and Vibration

  • Complete any job at any time without production shutdowns or disruptions
  • Reduce user fatigue while delivering perfect lines on all indoor and outdoor

Quiet, reliable Power

  • Maintenance-free 12 V, 100 Ah Lithium battery
  • Stripe up to 110 liters per charge
  • Add a second battery and get up to 325 liters per charge

On-Board 230V Charger

  • Simply plug in to recharge using the built-in charger system
  • Get infinite spray time when using for stationary applications by running on
    230 V wall power

Exclusive LineLazer™ Frame

  • Industry’s best-balanced chassis allows for straighter lines
  • Accepts LineDriver, 55 liter hopper, EZ Bead™ system, pointer, LaserGuide
    systems and LED light

DualComfort™ Handlebar System

  • Fits all users and easy to adjust
  • Solid 4-bolt design

EZ Align™ Front Wheel System

  • Simple front wheel alignment keeps unit tracking straight
  • Intuitive design without needing any special tools

EasyMark™ Gun Adjustment System

  • Simple guide mark system
  • Easy gun on/off, front/back
  • Perfect gun set up every time

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