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Graco LineDriver HD

The Graco LineDriver HD transforms your Graco LineLazer, ThermoLazer or GrindLazer into a ride-on machine. It can double your production rate, improve line quality and reduce operator fatigue. All the benefits of the LineDriver Std as well as ProStart engine system, more horsepower for hillier areas and all terrain tyres.

Comes complete with 6.5HP Honda engine, variable hydrostatic drive, single foot pedal operation (left or right side), remote safety shut off & Graco “FlexBeam” fold away light. Can be fitted with safety and work light kit for registration.

Speed up to 16 kilometres per hour forward and up to 10 kilometres per hour reversing.  Instant direction change.  Has an advanced Vibration Reduction System which keeps quality lines with low vibration levels.

Product Specification

Engine : Honda 6.5HP

Engine Generator Output : 70W

Dry Weight : 125kg

Height : 104cm

Width : 74cm

Length : 147cm

Hydraulic Pressure : 186 bar

Hydraulic System Capacity : 1.91

Sound Levels Measured at 1 metre per ISO : 3744

Sound Pressure : 94 – 99dB(A)

Sound Power : 79 – 86 dB(A)

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Additional Information

The Graco LineDriver HD is the most powerful heavy duty ride-on unit in the Australian market. Graco promise that the exclusive ProStart Engine Starting System reduces pull effort to start the engine by up to 50 percent.

The battery kit that comes with the LineDriver powers the LineDriver HD electrical system. The battery is kept charged automatically by the electrical system when additional electrical equipment is not being used.

The Graco LineDriver HD is also fitted with the FlexBeam Break-A-Way Light System which can be adjusted to any level of light and allow work to continue even in low light conditions.

The Graco LineDriver HD comes with the Graco Standard Warranty and reputation for high performance, durable machines.

If you purchase a Graco LineDriver HD from us at Access Linemarking Equipment, the LineDriver will be fully assembled and tested prior to delivery.