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Graco FieldLazer S90

The Graco FieldLazer S90 is a battery powered, high pressure airless fieldmarker ideal for schools or smaller sporting clubs with less than 4 sports fields.

Comes complete with battery, battery charger, tilt-n-pour removeable 20 litre hopper, turf tyres, height adjustable spray gun & tip.

Product Specification

Max Tip Size : 0.019″

Max Pressure : 900psi

Max Flow : 0.42 l/min

Engine : 12V electric

Paint Capacity : 20 litres

Dry Weight : 27 kg

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Additional Information

The Graco Fieldlazer S90 was the first battery powered (environmentally friendly) high pressure airless field marking machine produced. It is a is a walk-behind field marking machine tough enough to take on the roughest of terrains.

The Fieldlazer S90 is highly portable being lightweight at only 27kg dry weight. The FieldLazer S900 is small enough to fit in most car trunks.

The Graco LineLazer S90 produces sharp, clear lines whether they be straight, circles, arks, around corner kicks or stencils. The airless paint sprayer coats each side of a grass blade in a single spray.

Having the Graco high pressure airless spray means less paint usage and a saving in running expenses.

The adjustable spray shields protect paint spray on windy days.

As for all Graco Machines the Graco Fieldlazer S90 is built to last as well as ease of use. Ease of use includes the simple one button start, the easy to remove filter (no tools required) and the ability to turn the tip 180 degrees to clear any blockage or clogging of paint.